Trial Practice

Thomas Jefferson once wrote: “I consider trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to the principles of its Constitution.”

This is quite true. In our system of justice in America, regular people sitting on juries protect the U. S. Constitution and its laws and render justice to the citizens of the Nation. At McCartin Law, we understand that persuasive lawyering in jury trials does not require one to be as handsome as an actor, or have the booming baritone voice of an orator, or the fancy vocabulary of a Harvard professor. Instead, it simply requires some elbow-grease initiative in the preparation of a solid trial plan, a little bit of intelligence in the execution of that plan, one that results from extra hours of brain sweat, and a common touch of genuineness in plainly speaking forthrightly to your fellow citizens. In other words, talking to regular people in regular ways, from the heart, about the honest pursuit of justice – which, as Plato taught, is simply “the rendering to each what they are due” – is how to win jury trials. We understand that, and that’s why we’ve prevailed in more than 90% of 35+ jury trials in Federal District Court. Let us argue and prevail for you in your case, too.

Law and Justice in United States of America

We take your pain personally and we vigorously pursue full compensation and complete justice for you.


We have greater than a 90%-win rate in Federal District Court representing our clients in more than 35 jury trials.

Civil & Commercial

Based upon our superior written work product, we win the vast majority of our civil cases without ever going to the courtroom for a jury trial.

Defense of
State Employee

Defending State employees against unjust allegations is our specialty.