Personal Injury

When life throws you a brutal blow and you suffer from an unanticipated accident, we can effectively represent you in the courts to pursue the kind of valuable and treasured justice that you and your loved ones deserve.

Suffering an injury from an accident and enduring the stressful traumas of life are taxing enough without attempting to understand and navigate all the intricate legal steps that are needed to ensure that your rights are properly protected. But that’s where we step in, and we step in strong. We represent the common man and the common woman who confront the uncommon events of life, and we do so with compassion and dogged determination, masterfully producing effective results for our clients. Our personal injury representation includes a vast array of matters, such as those coming from automobile, motorcycle, or trucking accidents, as well as from medical malpractice, defective products or medical devices, unsafe property conditions, and workplace accidents. Let us right the wrongs done to you in a manner that results in the best possible outcome for you and for your family. You deserve no less than the kind of solid and successful representation that we can provide to you.


We take your pain personally and we vigorously pursue full compensation and complete justice for you.


We have greater than a 90%-win rate in Federal District Court representing our clients in more than 35 jury trials.

Civil & Commercial

Based upon our superior written work product, we win the vast majority of our civil cases without ever going to the courtroom for a jury trial.

Defense of
State Employee

Defending State employees against unjust allegations is our specialty.