Defense of State Employees

Despite having included the likes of people such as Saint Thomas More, Teddy Roosevelt, and even the world-renowned genius, Albert Einstein, who once worked unassumingly as a clerk in a government patent office, civil servants are sometimes unjustly maligned.

In these troubling days, though, civil servants are not just unjustly maligned, they are even deceitfully accused of causing harm to others who frivolously sue them in Federal or State court. Sometimes, they’re correction officers or other members of the N.Y.S. Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (“DOCCS”) who are just doing their jobs maintaining order and quelling disturbances. Sometimes, they’re employees of the N.Y.S. Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (“OPWDD”) caring for those who are physically afflicted. Other times, they work at the N.Y.S. Office of Mental Health (“OMH”) caring for those who are mentally afflicted. Yet, no matter what agency you come from, if you find yourself dishonestly sued, consider having us represent you in court. We know how to win these cases because we’ve done it so many times before, representing folks from DOCCS, OPWDD, OMH, and even Troopers, and some high-ranking government officials. We’ve provided civil servants with precisely the type of rock-solid, high-quality defense that they deserve, resulting in the refutation of the false claims against them. Contact us and we’ll help craft the best possible outcome for you, too, one commensurate with the noblest aspects of your honorable profession.

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We take your pain personally and we vigorously pursue full compensation and complete justice for you.


We have greater than a 90%-win rate in Federal District Court representing our clients in more than 35 jury trials.

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Based upon our superior written work product, we win the vast majority of our civil cases without ever going to the courtroom for a jury trial.

Defense of
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Defending State employees against unjust allegations is our specialty.